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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EventMB Insights?
EventMB Insights is an exclusive community for established Event Professionals. Membership gives access to unpublished intelligence reports, exclusive, invite-only, free events around the world and reflects your status as best-in-class in the events industry.
How much does it cost?
EventMB Insights is free to join and it is fully supported by the sponsors of the community.
What are the criteria to be accepted to EventMB Insights?
The community is geared towards decision makers in the industry. Access to the community is granted to:
  • Event professionals with large event portfolios
  • High caliber events recognized by the international community
  • Corporate event professionals in large organizations
  • Agencies with established or fast growing client portfolios
  • Event planners with proven track record of innovation in events
Access is granted on these and further criteria EventMB reserves the right to adjust in the future. EventMB reserves the right to approve or disapprove members on an individual basis and according to the community fit even if one of the criteria above is met.
How do I apply?
To apply simply click on the “Request Access” link to fill in and submit the form. You will receive an acknowledgement that your submission has been received.
How do I know if I’ve been accepted?
You will receive a notification with the outcome of your application within 5 business days.
What if I haven’t been accepted?
We invite you to resubmit your application if your conditions have changed or if you’d like to be reconsidered.



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